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The unsolicited testimonials we receive from our customers highlight the level of attention and integrity we offer every client. Our commitment to providing you with high quality service and professional advice is our driving force.

Here's what our client's have to say:

We have been clients of Ariss Consulting for three years, and we have always found them to be courteous and totally professional in every way. They are patient and understanding of our needs when it comes to international payments. All recommendations is spoken in "everyday language" that is easy to understand. They supply the professional guidance and insight that we need in order to minimize the risk on our foreign payments. Great rates, service and a genuine commitment to customer satisfaction is the least we can say!

We cannot recommend Ariss Consulting highly enough. We feel secure knowing that our future interests are being taken seriously and confidentially is being observed. Keep up the great work!

- Gary Dippold

Regal USA Haircolor

We have known and dealt with Mike for close to fifteen years. Over this period he has guided us in developing a sound and profitable hedging process for our currency transactions. He has given us the ability to manage our risk and increase profit on all of our international payments. I am happy to recommend his firm to anyone that deals in foreign trade.

- Emilio Mila

CEO, Mila Brown International Corp.

I have been working with Mike for over a decade and extremely happy with his knowledge on currency markets. We unhesitatingly followed him on his new venture with Ariss Consulting. The transition with their new relationship with Access Trading proved to be a huge success as it opened the door to additional insight and resources to help us achieve further control over our currency exposure. It is with pleasure we give this testimonial as everybody has always treated us in a pleasant and friendly manner and any requests we have made been attended to promptly.

- Ziad Rahill

President, Group Eurotech

We have known Mike for many years. He has truly shown us uncompromising commitment towards helping our company achieve maximum profitability through sound risk management advice. Not only do they offer us competitive rates, they take that extra step to recommend various hedging options to protect against currency exposure (risk) as to insure profit margins are secured. We highly recommend them as pros in the foreign exchange industry.

- Terry M.

Hidroad Construction Co.